Make me choose  Zola or Sofia asked by fangirling-hippie

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the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

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why doesn’t this have more note sIgNaLbOoSt

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Full disclosure: I’m kind of emotional right now, cause of the breakup, so I’ll probably be watching Dirty Dancing like six or seven times… a day.

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Midnight Memories (2013)

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"Do you think viral tap will be rude, as in celeb juice rude?"

I’m not sure it will be THAT rude but yus I do think it will be a bit rude. Yayyyyyyy

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"Man that last anon needs their head checking, he's SO pretty !!!!"

Personal taste though! If we had the same taste we’d be screwed. Though one of my best friends doesn’t find David Beckham hot(because of his voice, what) or Patrick Dempsey or any of TT4 and I’ve told her she’s mad on many occassions but we’ve got different taste and hey at least we’ll never fight over them. Another friend of mine doesn’t think Jack is fit purely because he doesn’t like curly hair and it puts him off completely which I also told him was stupid because like hello look at his face, his very very very pretty face.

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Duckling walking on some lily pads

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a moment of silence for boobs

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